2013 Julie Klauber Award Winner - Elke Bruton

Oregon State Library staff member recognized for creative leadership with national library service award.

Raleigh, North Carolina - April 22, 2013   Keystone Systems and the Oregon State Library, Talking Book and Braille Services (OSL TBABS) are excited to announce Elke Bruton as the recipient of the 2013 Julie Klauber Award. The award recognizes outstanding and dedicated library staff that provide exceptional service to their library and the community. The award is sponsored by Keystone Systems, the makers of KLAS, the leading software for libraries that focus on reader services.

"Elke is very committed and passionate," said Susan Westin, Program Manager, OSL TBABS. "She finds new ways to assist our patrons and is willing to share her expertise of the KLAS system to help staff streamline a project or process. This in turn allows the staff to more effectively help the patrons."

Andrea Clarkson, Bruton's coworker, nominated her for the award. According to Clarkson, Bruton eagerly shares her knowledge with library staff members and makes a point to work with them one-on-one to figure out how to use KLAS to improve library service and thereby ultimately better serve its patrons. Clarkson describes Bruton as "forward thinking" and says, "It is energizing to have brainstorming conversations with her about new processes because she will suggest ideas that don't occur to most people."

Bruton started at OSL TBABS as an excited new librarian five years ago and says she has learned much in this time. "Over the years I've tried things, failed, succeeded, and tried some more. To have a colleague recognize my contribution formally in the award nomination was the first honor that I received during this process. Receiving the Julie Klauber Award is a renewed "call to arms" for me--it challenges me to look for new ways to reach out to and serve our patrons."

Bruton will receive a trip to the 2013 KLAS Users' Conference in Chicago, IL, where she will be recognized for her outstanding service to OSL TBABS and its patrons. Keystone Systems, CEO, Kay Holloman will present the award April 30 during a special ceremony.

"It is our pleasure and honor to recognize a great and creative leader." Elke consistently works hard and is dedicated to improving the organization of the KLAS Users Group says Kay Holloman, CEO, Keystone Systems, Inc. She will continue to be a good organizer, presenter and forward force to improve the KLAS functions and the users understanding.

About the Julie Klauber Award:

The annual Julie Klauber Award recognizes outstanding and dedicated library staff that work with KLAS in their daily job functions and provide exceptional service to their library and the community in the spirit of Julie Klauber. Klauber was a national expert and leader on disability issues. She served as the director of Talking Books Plus library in Suffolk County, NY, and authored several articles on library resources and services for people with disabilities. The award recipient receives a trip to the annual KLAS Users Conference provided by Keystone Systems, Inc.

About Keystone Systems:

Keystone Systems, Inc., a leading provider of accessible library software since 1983, provides software and service solutions to libraries with complex demands. Keystone developers have created a powerful, yet elegant library automation system, which has the flexibility to meet specific needs of special, academic, and public libraries.

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