The KLAS Users' Community is a vibrant Users' Group made up of librarians and staff of the over 85 libraries across the United States who use KLAS to serve their patrons.

Members of the KLAS Users' Community:

  • Attend the annual KLAS Users' Conference
  • Register for and use the resources on klasusers.com
  • Discuss relevant issues on the KLAS Users' listserv
  • Help select each year's Julie Klauber Award Recipient
  • Participate in Users' Group meetings and Keystone sponsored activities at many industry conferences

The official KLAS Users' Group has elected officers including a President, Vice President and Secretary who help plan the annual Users' Conference, run business meetings, and serve as liaisons to other organizations such as the National Library Service. The Users' Group approved and published a new of set by-laws in 2010 to guide it's activities and functions.

We invite all members of the KLAS Users' Community to participate in the Annual KLAS Users' Conference, register for and use klasusers.com and the klasusers e-list. It is also our desire that all members of the KLAS Users' Group feel that they can call on Keystone staff for support as well as on other members of the KLAS Users' Community for advice, tips, and tricks.

Visit KLASUsers.com now