The Julie Klauber Award is awarded annually by Keystone Systems in collaboration with the KLAS Users' Community. Libraries who use KLAS are invited to nominate a staff member or volunteer for this award. Nominees should work with KLAS in their daily activities and have made a significant contribution to their library and community in the spirit of Julie Klauber.

In 2003, the KLAS Users' Group elected to rename the "KLAS Volunteer of the Year Award" to the "Julie Klauber Award" and allow library staff to be nominated to honor Julie Klauber who was a national expert and leader on disability issues. Julie served as the director of Talking Books Plus library in Suffolk County, NY, and authored several articles on library resources and services for people with disabilities.

Each year's award recipient receives a trip to the Annual KLAS Users' Conference provided by Keystone Systems including airfare, hotel and conference registration fees.

  • Kim Tomlinson, Milwaukee Public Library Staff Member Honored with National Library Service Award
  • Alycia Ensminger, Washington Talking Book & Braille Library Staff Member Honored with National Community Service Award
  • Brenda Boyd, South Carolina State Library Talking Book Services, Honored with the 2019 National Community Service Award
  • Nancy Reese, Idaho Talking Book Service, Receives 2018 Julie Klauber Award for Improving Patron Access & Service through New Technologies
  • Heather Brown, Long-time NC LBPH Staff Member, Honored with the 2017 National Library Service Award
  • Chandra Thornton, Palm Beach County Talking Books, Honored for Creative Patron Programs with 2016 Julie Klauber Award
  • Mary Boller, NorthWest Kansas Library System, Receives 2015 Julie Klauber Award for Innovative Service
  • Amy Ravenholt, WTBBL Assistant Program Manager, Honored with 2014 Julie Klauber Award
  • Elke Bruton, Oregon State Library, Recognized for Creative Leadership 2013
  • Montana Talking Book Library Staff Members Wins the 2012 National Library Service Award
  • Teresa Kalber, CTBL, and Dana Carter, Kansas Talking Books, share 2011 Julie Klauber Award
  • Ron Heaton of Perkins Braille and Talking Book Library selected as 2010 Julie Klauber Award Winner
  • Debra Martin honored as 2009 Julie Klauber Award Recipient
  • Solomon Oliver of Jacksonville Public Library receives 2008 Julie Klauber Award

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