Keystone’s Scribe

About the Scribe

The Scribe is a custom-built appliance, which facilitates the duplication of cartridges for patrons on a large scale. The available Scribe systems are:

  • The Scribe Mini, a compact unit with 4 cartridge slots, suitable for patron self-service, front desk service, or small libraries.
  • The Scribe 2.0, a computer tower with 19 cartridge slots, equipped with shelving for mail cards and cases, suitable for libraries with higher circulation.

The Scribe communicates with KLAS in real time to access and update order information, and contains a large hard drive containing the full BARD collection (maintained automatically overnight) plus local titles. Both the Scribe 2.0 and the Mini are controlled using a simple hand-held scanner, with no need for a mouse, keyboard, or monitor. 

The entire Scribe workflow has been carefully calibrated to allow for easy, fast, efficient, and accurate circulation, while reducing training time by making use of KLAS functions with which library staff are already familiar.

Scribe features a Check-In Mode, which simply checks in cartridges, and a Duplication Mode which will check-in and clear cartridges, load a new set of books or other recorded titles, and check out the cartridge and included titles. Scribe also has a Walk-In Mode, allowing individual cartridges to be automatically refilled (along with check-in and check-out) for their current patron for quick and easy walk-in service.

In all modes, an LED light strip shows the status of each cartridge slot, and a web app is available to review more detailed status information or troubleshoot errors from anywhere, using any computer or mobile device. The web app is designed to be fully accessible using AT, and the Scribe can be configured to provide audio feedback if desired.

The Scribe Mini comes with a scanner, shown here with a stand and stack of cartridges. The Mini is currently duplicating two cartridges, one peach and one green, which are plugged into the lower two cartridge slots.