All members of Keystone Systems' dedicated and knowledgeable staff work with each of our customers, whether in direct contact with library staff, supporting them behind the scenes, or a combination of both. More than half of our current staff hold a graduate degree and a quarter hold a Masters in Library Science.

Executive Staff Members include:

Keiko "Kay" Holloman, Chief Executive Officer

Kay enjoys providing leadership through project management and business management. She believes the CEO's job is to set direction for both employees and the company. "I work hard to manage multiple projects to their completion." Kay says she particularly likes working the library industry because, "We are making a difference in the library automation industry. The library environment is very friendly. Librarians make our jobs easier and are very appreciative of our service and quality."

Dave Holloman, President

Dave sees his role as both "maintaining an awareness of what customers are trying to achieve and the possibilities afforded by rapidly evolving technologies" as well as "developing staff and infrastructure to keep our customers at the forefront (of evolving technology)." Dave has been with Keystone since its inception and says, "I really enjoy working with the group of people we work with. They are bright, energetic, and dedicated to serving their clients."

Mitake Holloman Burts, Vice President, Products & Technology

Mitake came to Keystone as a part-time employee in 1989 and then became full-time in 1999. Mitake leads the system design team and has developed a national reputation for her knowledge of adaptive technology. Working at Keystone means "feeling like I can make a difference in the organization." She particularly enjoys dealing with Keystone's clients. "While many of our clients have similar needs, they are all very different. I enjoy the challenge of finding out how we can make the system fit their needs."

James Burts, Executive Vice President

James began working at Keystone in June of 1992. He likes the diversity of the markets the company serves and says, "Working with libraries is a good match for me." James particularly likes working at Keystone because it's a small company. "It's much more tight-knit with everyone pitching in and helping share the load when it comes down to the wire." James states he likes dealing with Keystone's clientele because, "We are always trying to fix problems that matter."

Mark Gardner, Manager of Systems and Communications

Mark joined the Keystone family on August 12, 1985. He really likes that Keystone is a small company where employees "don't get lost in the crowd." "I like the interaction with customers and employees. I like helping people solve their problems."

Nancy Underwood, Customer Support Manager

Nancy began her career at Keystone in September of 1998. Frequently, she makes trips to customer locations to conduct hands-on training classes. She likes being able to help "our customers and their patrons." Also, Nancy says she finds the environment at Keystone positive because of people's willingness to "help each other out on projects when we see things that need to be done."

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