Keystone Systems, Inc. - Keystone provides library automation software to libraries, businesses, and institutions with complex demands.

For more than 30 years Keystone, a North Carolina corporation located in Raleigh, has provided dedicated service in the form of quality library automation software with full support services. KLAS, the Keystone Library Automation System, offers flexibility and reliability, and Keystone's experienced staff develop, support, train, and implement KLAS for our clients.

Keystone has delivered automation systems and support to clients such as the Florida Network of Talking Book Libraries, the National Hemophilia Foundation, the Kansas Instructional Resource Center, Broyhill Center for Learning Resources of the Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute and others.

Keystone Means Experience

Keystone's development and support effort centers on KLAS (Keystone Library Automation System), a product that exemplifies our commitment to quality products and service. Keystone offers a complete line of hardware and software, as well as installation, training, data conversion, and on-going support.

In data processing - including large IBM mainframe computers, commercial applications, databases, and communications - our officers have more than 80 years combined experience. Our technical support staff has years of hands-on experience with UNIX and Networked systems. We take pride in providing technical support that keeps customers operating at maximum efficiency.

To develop and continually enhance KLAS, Keystone has worked closely with libraries for more than 25 years. Our staff has devoted countless hours of research to exploring the operating requirements of many types of libraries and is extremely sensitive to a diverse range of library automation needs. Our programmers have years of experience working with MARC records, indexes, and library operational standards.

Keystone Systems uses Progress, a fourth generation language with a relational database management system, to develop KLAS. The Progress Software Corporation is a leading producer of software development tools and relational database managers.

Progress provides the development and end-user tools that allow Keystone Systems to adapt quickly to new challenges facing libraries as well as to position KLAS in the next generation of complex library and database applications. The combination of Keystone's experienced programmers and Progress makes KLAS an easy-to-use, flexible, reliable library automation system.

Keystone Means Training

Keystone's staff is dedicated to training our customers. We work with our customers to make certain they have an in-depth understanding of their new automation system. As Keystone provides future enhancements to KLAS, our customer support staff is available to assist your staff with any new features that help them with their daily activities. Keystone's goal is to train your users to the point where working with KLAS is natural.

Keystone Means Support

Most importantly, we are constantly enhancing our exceptional customer service. Keystone's staff is dedicated to assisting our customers in understanding KLAS and being able to utilize all its features. When you have a question, our support staff is only a phone call away. And since we know your staff has service time frames to meet, our technical staff provides you with solutions as soon as possible, generally during your call or later the same day.

Every implementation/training plan includes an orientation to KLAS on-line Help. Our software hotline provides customers with direct toll-free access to our customer support staff. Our annual KLAS Users Conference provides an opportunity for our customers to meet each other, receive advanced training, and talk to our development staff face-to-face about their needs. We also encourage customers to take advantage of our online Webinars, Technical Notes and ListServe options. We are dedicated to developing outstanding solutions for your system support needs.

Keystone Means Commitment

Keystone Systems is dedicated serving the special needs of libraries. We have gone through several generations of refinements since our initial product release in 1983 and are proud to provide a quality integrated library system and outstanding support for libraries including talking book libraries, resource centers, and associations. Because we have focused our efforts on implementing for their specific needs, KLAS is the system of choice as these libraries upgrade their existing systems or automate for the first time.