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Keystone Systems is pleased to announce a system to store digital files, maintain title data and provide a download portal for patrons and libraries to access digital content. This national repository of locally produced titles is called the SHared ELectronic Files (SHELF) Project.

Participating libraries can contribute materials they have recorded and produced as a digital talking book (DTB). Keystone's integrated national union catalog of locally recorded DTBs provides the infrastructure to make those recordings searchable and easy to download.

Benefits of the SHELF Project include:

  • providing a "one-stop-shop" for all NLS format DTB recordings.
  • allowing your patrons access to all the recordings provided nationally.
  • automatically tracking reader's downloads as a "Has Had".

For more detailed information about the these benefits and more, we invite you to download the SHELF Project flyer:

PDF icon  SHELF Project Flyer - PDF (32.43 kB)

PDF icon  SHELF Project Details and Pricing - PDF (134.92 kB)

The SHELF Project FAQ contains Keystone's answers to frequently asked questions about the SHELF Project.

For further information about the SHELF Project, please contact James Burts.