Associations offer a wide array of benefits to their members, but education and facilitating the exchange of information between members is a common cornerstone. Many non-profits also use the income from publication sales to help support their service goals.

As associations strive to provide the best services for their members, KLAS helps them provide vital information resources to their community. Keystone works with associations to meet the information needs of their members and provide tools to build a thriving membership.

Nearly 20 years ago, our first association customer began using KLAS to serve their membership, manage and track the distribution of information, and integrate with their association management system so each system has the most up-to-date information for each member they serve. Enhancing your information services increases the relevance and importance of your organization to your members.

How Keystone and KLAS can help your association:

Use KLAS to build a Library / Knowledge Center:

You have information. Your members need information. We can connect the dots.

Using KLAS to make your online resources easier to access adds value for your members and gives you a better return on your investment: it’s a win-win for any size organization.

You are never too small to deliver a valuable resource library, or too big to make your resources manageable.

KLAS’ powerful library management features make your information resources easier to search, find, access, and share. KLAS empowers you to connect your information resources with your members in a way that works for you and them.

KLAS is an ever-evolving product and Keystone Systems offers award winning customer support. We actively elicit user input as we develop new features and seek out new technologies to help you respond to future needs.

Examples of electronic documents users could find in your online knowledge center, built with KLAS:

  • URLs - Link to sites that enhance rather than compete with the association's mission.
  • Documents/articles - Allow members to share their own papers, research and histories with their colleagues.
  • Images - Share pictures of local meetings or events, successful personal moments, etc.
  • Video - Recorded training or conference sessions, interviews with members, industry relevant news clips.
  • More - Music files? Epub documents? Specialized proprietary formats? No problem! We handle whatever formats your resources come in!

Collect, curate, & deliver all the resources your members need.

Whatever format your materials are in, KLAS can help you manage them. From recorded Webinar sessions to print journals, our robust cataloguing system handles it all. Even more importantly, our powerful search and filtering tools help your members find them.

Records Lifecycle Management

KLAS manages your information resources from conception to publication to withdrawal. Adding new versions or issues on the fly is simple and easy. If you want to remove obsolete items, you can do so without losing historical data or statistics.

Easily control which resources are publicly viewable, shown only to members, or accessible only to staff. Pay per download and partial or full subscription service can be available according to your organization and members’ needs.

When a resource becomes dated, mark it as “historical” so your members can see the evolution of information offered by your organization. Or, restrict withdrawn or obsolete materials to staff-only access so you can maintain all accumulated record data and comply with records management policies.

KLAS Modules for Associations

For associations, the appropriate KLAS modules depend greatly on the type of services being delivered to your members.

Online knowledge center

For organizations without staff members providing library services, simplified management and administrative controls are needed. The organization still maintains control over the content, but doesn't need the full power of the KLAS staff-side functions.

This is typically the case when the following hold true:

  • There are no physical materials (books, magazines, equipment, etc) being tracked.
  • The data for each title is relatively simple -- things like Title, Author, Publication Date, Subjects, Description.
  • Subject cataloging scheme is relatively simple.
  • There is no need to integrate with membership data in an AMS (association membership system).
  • Simplified utilization reporting is adequate.

If additional capabilities are needed, individual full modules can be purchased to increase the capabilities of the 'lite' version of KLAS supplied as an online knowledge center.

Online Library

For organizations that have staff members providing library services, then full KLAS modules provide staff-side access to maintain, categorize, and organize the information on your collection, your members, and the services that they should receive.

This is typically the case when at least one of the following apply:

  • Staff are organizing bibliographic records with substantial metadata.
  • More complex indexing and searching needs.
  • Managing both physical and digital materials.
  • Materials are being loaned out, and expected back.
  • Complete user/member/patron interest profiles need to be maintained.
  • User/Member/Patron data should be integrated with another system, such as an AMS (association membership system).
  • Management of magazine and other serial subscriptions needed.

List of KLAS modules for Associations: