2012 Julie Klauber Award Winner - Martin Landry

Montana Talking Book Library staff member wins national library service award.

Raleigh, North Carolina - April 4, 2012   Keystone Systems and the Montana Talking Book Library (MTBL) are excited to announce Martin Landry as the recipient of the 2012 Julie Klauber Award. The award recognizes outstanding and dedicated library staff that provide exceptional service to their library and the community.

"Martin is undaunted in meeting new technology challenges," said Christie Briggs, Director of MTBL. "Additionally, his sense of humor, his intelligence, and his dedication to helping patrons and staff alike make Martin an invaluable part of the MTBL team."

According to Briggs, Landry independently researches and learns different technologies in an effort to better support, train, and inform his patrons and other library staff. He even sought out ADA training on assistive software such as "JAWS". Landry, a Readers' Advisor at MTBL, displays respect and dedication to the library's patrons while bringing a new sense of cohesiveness to the MTBL staff.

Landry says he was surprised to be nominated, let alone receive this year's award. He is pleased his work, in some small way, reflects that of Julie Klauber, the award's namesake.

"Every opportunity for us to increase our knowledge of the tools and skills necessary to perform our jobs results in us being better prepared to serve our patrons," said Landry.

Landry will receive a trip to the 2012 KLAS Users' Conference in Columbia, SC, where he will be recognized at a ceremony for his outstanding service to MTBL and its patrons. Keystone Systems, CEO, Kay Holloman will present the award.

"Martin's proactive approach and willingness to take on new challenges in an effort to provide the highest quality service to the MTBL's patrons embodies the spirit of Julie Klauber," says Kay Holloman, CEO, Keystone Systems, Inc. "We are thrilled Martin will be this year's Julie Klauber Award winner and excited to provide him the opportunity to attend the 2012 KLAS Users Conference."

About the Julie Klauber Award:

The annual Julie Klauber Award recognizes outstanding and dedicated library staff that work with KLAS in their daily job functions and provide exceptional service to their library and the community in the spirit of Julie Klauber. Klauber was a national expert and leader on disability issues. She served as the director of Talking Books Plus library in Suffolk County, NY, and authored several articles on library resources and services for people with disabilities. The award recipient receives a trip to the annual KLAS Users Conference provided by Keystone Systems, Inc.

About Keystone Systems:

Keystone Systems, Inc., a leading provider of accessible library software since 1983, provides software and service solutions to libraries with complex demands. Keystone developers have created a powerful, yet elegant library automation system, which has the flexibility to meet specific needs of special, academic, and public libraries.

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